Loops: while and repeat-until

while loop works exactly like its counterpart in C# or C++, and repeat-until is analogous to do-while in those languages (or simply repeat-until in Pascal) with one exception. It always annoyed me that the latter loop does not create full scope, so I have to write such dreadful code as this:

  var loop_cond = false;
    loop_cond = ...
  while (loop_cond);

The extra scope prevents leaking of control variable. In Skila repeat-until creates scope that ends after loop, so you can introduce variable inside loop and still use it in loop condition:

  var loop_cond = false;
  loop_cond = ...
until not loop_cond;

Note the lack of parentheses around loop condition. I have customized my keyboard layout but still typing no character is faster than typing single one.


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