“Sink” variable

Skila does not have lambdas (yet), but even now with functions it is useful to drop the value somewhere and indicate very clearly that the value will not be used. Or even better, drop in such way it cannot be used:

@ = my_function(5);

Function will be called, and the value will be read (as required per function in Skila), however it is impossible to use it any way, because sink variable (predefined, type Object) is not readable. In terms of C# you can think of it as pure setter (no getter).

Speaking of lambdas — it will be possible to reuse it in the same expression:

passlambda((@,expr,@) => expr);

So it works here like _ (underscore) in Scala.

Note: the choice of “@” character is not carved in rock of course, but I had problems with reading single underscore character when writing in Scala. And besides, the shape of “@” reminds me of a vortex.


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