How Google ruined my evening

I wish I could spent fruitfully my entire day, not bothering with irrelevant issues — not so many days like this in real life. Today when uploading newer NLT package to Google Project Hosting site I was notified that starting on January 15, 2014 upload of binary packages will be disabled. This translates to picking up another server, finding and updating all the links… I am thrilled. Sure, it is their server, free of charge, but it would be at least decent to give a honest reason for such call, not some pathetic excuse of abusing upload feature by some users.

I am planning gentle switch — keeping both sites in parallel, and if Google does not cancel this new policy, eventually kill Google address. The problem is which hosting site choose as a replacement? I tried Bintray (complex, no tickets), CodePlex (ticket system is a disaster), LaunchPad, GitHub and BitBucket (all three have no support for binary packages). Visually much less appealing than GPH (no MarkDown) there are SourceForge and BerliOS — most likely one of these two will be my choice.

Let’s leave the story of killing a good product aside now — this weekend, as I intended I wrote resolver for function overloading. And also:

  • I added extra syntax and logic for recursive function call,
  • I introduced infinitive “loop-end” — no big deal, but writing “loop” instead of “while true do” is quicker and more elegant,
  • I noticed Skila didn’t have boolean operators (and, or, exor), so I added them.

I also changed the concept of the function and procedure distinction. Now, it is only a function, the only difference is that by default the result of the function has to be read.

def square(x : Int) : @ Int = x*x;

The “@” character before type indicates it is OK to drop the result. One keyword saved (proc), and now syntax is a bit more consistent with existing sink variable. This will also help in introducing light-weight interfaces.

And to keep me busy — all those changes in syntax made NLT parser fail, so I had a reason and opportunity to improve it.

OK, it is Tuesday already, so I went way overboard with “weekend work” idea — see you next week then, I am going to add strict control of execution flow and rich strings.

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