Week with project hosting sites

It is a week since I moved to other sites than Google Project Hosting — picking a service similar to it was not easy. Probably similar in principles — BerliOS and OurProject — soon proved to be designed upside down. First you have to fill lengthy form what kind of project you would like to set up, then the admins approve (or not) your project and then you finally can see the site is missing one crucial feature so you don’t want to use that site after all. Brilliant!

This left only two sites — Assembla and SourceForge (I also tried CloudForge but they don’t host files, instead they sent me spam — nice touch for a farewell). Assembla has more modern UI however it kills formatting of file description, on the other hand SourceForge does not allow any file description at all plus it supports only plain ASCII for project description. I sent bug/wish (respectively) reports right away, so far I’ve got response from Assembla (“not a bug, post a suggestion”) and no response from SourceForge. I think it is fair to say it is draw or close to that (thanks to UI I favor Assembla tad more).

All in all, it is disappointing — with Google no-upload move and the fact no site comes even close to GPH simplicity and paradoxically its rich features.


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