Exposing field’s methods

At least this feature I made on time as planned — similarly to un-shadowing the hidden methods, you can expose field’s methods. From time to time I have to either expose entire field (bad, but I am lazy) or I have to manually write a bunch of proxies — this is gives solid code but it is bad as well, because not productive. For fast prototyping, or for cases when you just need few methods from a field — exposing is the best pick. For example:

def main() Int
  var bar = new Bar();
  return bar.single();

struct Foo 
  def single() @Int = 1;

struct Bar 
  var foo Foo = new Foo();
  using foo.*;

The last directive — “using” — exposes given methods. This particular call is maybe an overkill because it exposes all methods, but is up to user which variant she/he uses. There are 3 more:

  using foo.single(*);
  using foo.single();
  using foo.single;

As one can see they are consistent with un-shadowing — from the first to the last one, we see exposing all “single” methods, exposing one particular “single” method (here: parameterless), and exposing “single” method under condition there is only one.

The call “bar.single()” is correct because Skila compiler automatically creates a proxy method for every “using” directive. Maybe in future it will be optimized and such call will be simply translated (redirected in compile time). However as we know “premature optimization is the root of all evil” so I’d better move to other, still green, pastures…

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