All the noise about static

Who would thought that adding “SELF” can cause so much fuss — obviously I needed “static” notion in Skila, which I hadn’t have and when I added it appeared NLT parser is not suitable for new set of parsing rules.

The last problem came as no surprise — so far NLT forking parser executed all user actions, even in multiple branches. This had to lead to problems and hit me this weekend. So instead of doing fancy stuff with pinned constructors, I sat down and changed executing user actions into logging parser actions. On successful parse, all commands are played back and then user actions are executed.

No rocket science, nevertheless I was one day short, and after adding exposing field’s methods feature plus fixing PHP backend a bit I ran out of time. I plan to squeeze error reporting on static misuse into workdays so I will be able to come fresh to implementing pinned constructor and “SELF” next weekend.

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