C++ const – how to make it happen?

The latest list of changes (not done yet) includes regular constructor (not returning anything), variadic syntax as in Go (“x ...Int”) and “procs” (for mutating methods) and “funcs” (not mutating, can be prefixed with “|”).

This is related to C++-like “const” ¹ — I am that guy who loves this feature (maybe not execution), however I am both a bit clueless how to implement it correctly and I am a bit afraid if I understand the concept (considering almighty MS gave up on this having so many smart people). I think there could be only two constants — constant pointer to some data (constant or not) and deep constant data (immutable view of data).

It might sounds funny but I don’t even have good names for them — say “lnk” for fixed pointer (“ptr” for regular one), but what for data? If possible I would like avoid “const” (to avoid naysayers with standard “it does not guarantee the object is constant after all”, and to keep good keyword for constants like mathematical Pi). “view”?

¹ Interesting posts at SO: Why there is no const member method in C# and const parameter?, Why const parameters are not allowed in C#? and “const correctness” in C#.

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