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Cleaning too many shortcuts

Surprisingly I miss only extension methods in Skila. At least as the feature list goes. Because what was just an annoyance in the past, now is the major problem — quality of the code. I took a shortcut here and there, and before I know it I have classes with duplicated responsibilities, shaky generic classes instantiations and semantic analysis plagued with the lack of order who-does-what-first.

First of all, I have to clean my mind a bit, so I am taking a short break to expand my educational mini games I’ve written some time for myself, and now they find purpose in teaching others. I won’t love JS but I have to admit you can do wonders with it reserved for desktop not so long ago.


Swift — all good names were already taken…

…so we stole this one.

When Google introduced theirs “Go” some (including me) were concerned about similarity with already existing language “Go!”. But try to sue Google over one character. Who can stop rich, right?

Same story with Apple now — they just introduced new programming language called “Swift”. The name, you have to admit, has the striking resemblance with already existing programming language called “Swift”. Hmm, maybe the typeface is changed at least.

So far I just peeked at the basic syntax, and it looks interesting. As always, there is a question if it is good enough to stop developing my own language…

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