A reminder from the closed source world

Now and then I get stern reminder to stick with open source when it comes to base system. I have to replicate the system, it refuses to do so, I have to install the updates, it cannot find root partition, and so on. 16 years ago I switched from Microsoft Windows to SUSE Linux and I found it is plagued with bugs as well. The difference is with Linux I can boot the computer from the pendrive, I can run console, I can actually diagnose the problem — same story with programs. And when I need something badly I can modify the source code, compile it and voilà I have my custom tool.

Around week ago I finished GLR parser as part of NLT suite. The only annoyance is it is too slow to publish it, so I need to profile it. And then Visual Studio profiler stopped working, I switched to PerfView and instead usual 3% of broken stacks I got something more like 80%. Just my luck — go figure the bottleneck now.

And still, I am grateful for this refreshing experience, it is good to know what closed source programs stands for — reinstall everything or buy newer versions and pray the problem will go away. Right…

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