Skila3 — starting again…

Well, the first Skila attempt is dead and maybe luckily so. The compiler was way too slow (it needed for entire testsuite around 40 minutes) and I tried to fix it, then to start from scratch but I stopped the work — the design of the language itself was doomed to fail from the beginning. You simply cannot ignore performance of the language (not compiler) itself — in C# if you rely on exceptions instead of methods TryXXX you can face x220 slowdown. In Python if you use regular arrays you will soon hear “use NumPy instead”, in JS if you need speed you have to shove your code into GPU (“ConvNet.js is great but it is written in JS, so now we have DeepLearn.js…”). It is the same story no matter what the language is.

And so on the 28th of December, 2016 I started Skila3, initially as only a good-bye exercise in type matching. In time the work gained some speed as I added more features.

This time I dropped parser, at this point it is only a distraction. This decision allowed me to gain a new perspective — why not treat semantic analyser and code generator as engine, and parser as exchangeable skin? Something like C# and VB for .Net but on different level.

Anyway, syntax is so ahead of me that I don’t think about it at all. As for the old code, instead of refactoring it I started clean, I don’t even bring it in pieces. Currently I have rough basics — notion of deep immutability, conditionals, loops, generics, concurrency and channels (as in Go). A lot of ideas from initial Skila wait for being brought to this new project.

To speed working on compiler at first I wrote interpreter instead to check whether I can add numbers together, and well — I can.

The code is more straightforward than before — there two passes of computation, evaluation and validation. The former does name binding, computes the types of the expressions and so on, the latter one checks whether the outcomes of the expressions are read or whether the variables are assigned before they are used. I put the code at GitHub, so take a look at spare time.

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