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X-FullMoon: the first successful conversion

Time flies… in 2002 I wrote small, quick&dirty reminder script in Perl. Later I translated it to Ruby and now I translated it again to Skila. And it works!

Currently it is painfully slow, so I stick with Ruby version, but nevertheless I am happy because not only something compiled with Skila is working but it is also useful (after all, I am using this program for 14 years). The conversion was fruitful, I improved compiler a lot and I have ideas how to improve it further.

If you are curious the script is available online, and if you are curious even more here is the format of the data file (fullmoon.dates):

# comment
year-month-day;cycle;executable_filename;! # note the semicolon

Year, month, cycle (in days), advance (in days), day of the week (the first one is Monday with value 1) are optional, so the minimal form is:


Here is my reminder that on New Year’s Eve I should by some ice-cream:

12-31;;buy ice-cream;7

So every year (it is not set) on December 31 with advance of 7 days I will get this reminder. Here is the reminder that I should replace my documents:

2021-05-22;;update documents;10

This time exact date is given. And the last example:

2014-05-25;7;MOOC download

Starting from given day every week (7 days) I am reminded to download all the stuff from MOOC I am enrolled to.