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No point for being tidy

After some consideration I dropped checking formatting of the code. My reasoning was this — say you have 1000 errors just because you didn’t indent the code correctly. Will you fix it by hand or automatically? I guess you choose the latter, but in such case what is the point of checking the formatting in the first place? To duplicate testing correctness of your IDE?

There is a second reason — you come up with some great idea, you start coding, you compile and now not only you have to fix some technical errors but also you need to clean up the indentations. It does not sound very helpful, when you have great idea, you should focus on that idea, nothing else matters. So checking formatting is not solving the problem, and if you are not the solution of the problem, you are part of the problem.

It does not mean I am supporting messed up code, I am saying it is job of IDE which should (probably) reformat the code on final save, so when you open your code next time, you will see all the cleaning is already done.