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9 days as 2 hours

I am in rather bitter mood because I finally did validation of static features in Skila — however instead of 2 hours as I anticipated it took me 9 days. I wish I could say I fainted in the process, but I didn’t — and I feel bad about this.

But no matter how bad the things are there is always a lesson to learn — this experience supports in a way idea expressed by Peter Seibel in his talk “Practical Common Lisp” that the language defines thought.

Here, I was so used to the framework I already had for name resolution that it was obvious I should add a few patches, fix this and that, and I will get working solution. I was absolutely deluded — the right way to achieve solution was a major rework and coming up with completely new name resolver. If I did it right from the beginning I would spent 2-3 days on it with steady progress and no frustration.

Now I need some time to take care of my regular duties, I should be back in 2 weeks.

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