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Swift — all good names were already taken…

…so we stole this one.

When Google introduced theirs “Go” some (including me) were concerned about similarity with already existing language “Go!”. But try to sue Google over one character. Who can stop rich, right?

Same story with Apple now — they just introduced new programming language called “Swift”. The name, you have to admit, has the striking resemblance with already existing programming language called “Swift”. Hmm, maybe the typeface is changed at least.

So far I just peeked at the basic syntax, and it looks interesting. As always, there is a question if it is good enough to stop developing my own language…

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Hack — smooth evolution

One thing I like about PHP is its hosting ubiquity — you can start away for free. I wonder if Hack will become equally successful.

Hack is a new language from Facebook, and while its syntax does not give me chills:

class MyClass {
  const int MyConst = 0;
  private string $x = '';
  public function increment(int $x): int {
    $y = $x + 1;
    return $y;

it simply might be good enough to gain acceptance. It is very interesting for sure, and Facebook prepared its website well, there is a interactive tutorial which looks rather like a mini course, and it is fun too.

One thing surprises me — with such effort and solid features, such a lame name? Somebody missed the lesson of “Go”.

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Musing Mortoray — On Programming and Language Design

There is a lot to do with NLT however considering it includes true generator I was trying to be more active in promoting NLT — more than just writing this blog.

Yet instead of letting others know about NLT I learned about other people. Namely about programming language “Leaf” and great blog — “Musing Mortoray”. After reading “Immutable Values and Invariant Names” post if not new additions to NLT I would be already redesigning the syntax of Skila.

Recommended reading!

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