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The Flying Frog Blog

How could I miss a blog by Jon Harrop? I don’t know, but better late than never — “The Flying Frog Blog” is great reading. Pity there are very little books like “Pro ASP.NET MVC 4” by Adam Freeman for F# showing how theoretically solid language can be applied.

Now I am torn between desire to read old posts (since 2007, ouch) and introducing symbol repetition into NLT.

Oh boy, I am way overworked, I am already a subscriber but due to some glitch in RSS reader I didn’t get updates for some time. Just a year or so to read then…

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Musing Mortoray — On Programming and Language Design

There is a lot to do with NLT however considering it includes true generator I was trying to be more active in promoting NLT — more than just writing this blog.

Yet instead of letting others know about NLT I learned about other people. Namely about programming language “Leaf” and great blog — “Musing Mortoray”. After reading “Immutable Values and Invariant Names” post if not new additions to NLT I would be already redesigning the syntax of Skila.

Recommended reading!

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