Welcome to aboutskila.wordpress.com, the journal about development of a new programming language Skila and its compiler. Until it is done you can read what features it already has and how much progress is made (don’t forget to subscribe to RSS channel).

Have a good read!


Some food for bored or curious souls — I was born to computer world in 1986 when I met my friend carrying borrowed ZX81. Since then I used/touched/saw many languages but I think only two had a major impact on me. C++ with its unrestricted raw power and C# — its clear lambda syntax and extensions methods were a revelation to me.

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4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi, Maciej.

    You say that the NLP class of Dan Jurafsky was one of the best.

    Do you know if one can find somehow the programming assignments and homeworks somewhere, because it seems it will not be taught again … and I was not subscribed.

    Kind regards,

    Alin Soare.

    • macias says:

      Actually it was the best :-). Did you try enrolling on the course (the first one)? I am asking because the course is still there with all the resources. Two things you will miss — grader and students. So if enrolling is possible you could grab everything you need — I have to say it is very unusual because all latest coursers are either closed right after last week or the closing is postponed for month, but that’s it.

      Just for the record — the top courses I enrolled on: http://coursetalk.org/u/geekage#course_reviews

      • I heard Peter Norvig saying that he does not intend to create an advanced NLP class, because Dan Jurafsky and Christopher Manning created one. This is how I heard about this class. If I try to subscribe, I see on coursera page only a frustating “Preview Lectures” and “Date TBA”. Fortunatelly, browsing the home page of Dan Jurafsky ( http://www.stanford.edu/~jurafsky/teaching.html ) I found the good news that next offering will be in winter 2014.

        I know your page ;) I met you in some classes, and I wrote you this message after I saw in your profile that you appreciated so much that class that I knew about from Peter Norvig — this is why I asked here about it.

        Winter 2014 … good. Until then, there are many things to do, and work. By the way, you can try as well the class of programming languages of Shriram Krisnamurthi, where he builds an interpreter of python in lisp (Brown university). If you loved compilers, you will love PL of Brown. It is much work to do there, and it is even more advanced than the classical SICP.

        Happy Chrismas and 2014.

        • macias says:

          Thank you for Christmas gifts — a lot of good news :-). I wonder if Dan Jurafsky and Christopher Manning intend to reshape the course (in such case I hope only for better) because such gap is rather rare. Anyway, I am glad they will be back with the NLP offering.
          All the best to you too!

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