Object (post) initialization

Skila-1 had auto constructor as its object initialization version, but few days ago I was writing some ordinary Config type in C# and when I added builder pattern I realized how little C# is missing to get proper object initialization.

Thus I scratched the idea of reimplementing Skila-1 approach and I added object (post) initialization — it is much simpler to implement and it feels completely like C# (whenever I can I prefer to stick to already popular language). Using C# syntax it is just:

public class Point
    public init double X { get; }
    public init double Y { get; }

var p = new Point() { X = 5, Y = 7 };
p.X = 3; // error

Yes, all it takes is little modifier added to field/property indicating that despite it is readonly it is allowed to be assigned (initialized) during post initialization. The type itself is immutable, there is no additional mechanism added, everybody is happy.

The older approach has its advantages (single initialization for starter) but since it can be added in any time I will stick with this lightweight approach for now.

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