Prolonged weekend

I was supposed to spend only weekends on Skila, but writing all posts and setting up WordPress and finding domain and… took about a day. And it is not all tied up the way I wanted, since “” was taken, “” was taken as well (just my luck), and since WordPress uses absolute URLs I had to make some hoops to make the proper domain address somehow stick. As the effect the readers cannot really bookmark any post, unless they open it as new tab or window — sorry about that.

I am happy that I changed my mind and this blog went live — I realize only now that if I had waited more, until my project is 100% ready (my usual modus operandi), writing about all features, not missing any, would be an ordeal. And who knows, maybe that way I find a job related to compilers.

This is all for the start — it was fruitful time, I managed to finish enforced named parameters in Skila. See you next week — I intend to write resolver for function overloading in backend layer.


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