Blocks as expressions

The irony is the moment I finished this feature I realized it is not enough — I need also a tracking system which would allow to postpone initialization.

But at least when you need to do some precomputation and then initialize variables you can use entire block as initialization value:

let (yyyy,mm,dd)
  = * do
        let parts = s.split("-");
        // the outcome of the entire do-end block
        parts ++ "".copy((3-parts.count()));

It is better than nothing but I would prefer to write:

let yyyy,mm,dd Int; // postponed initialization
  let parts = s.split("-");
  // initialization
  (yyyy,mm,dd) = *(parts ++ "".copy((3-parts.count())));

In both cases temporary variable parts does not leak, but I am more used to the latter form. On the other hand only the former will work with loops, unlike in Scala which returns just unit (void in Skila) I am going to add some muscles to them.

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